Sonam Kapoor trolled on Twitter for defending Kanika Kapoor who is tested positive of Covid-19

Sonam Kapoor and trolls have shared a love-hate relationship for a long time now. Sonam, the fashion icon, is known for her sharp tongue and believes in the free expression of speech, and now she supported Kanika Kapoor, the renowned singer. The lady singer returned from London recently and went to Lucknow to attend a party; unfortunately, she was diagnosed positive of Covid-19 and was flooded with hate tweets. 

Sonam Kapoor came to her rescue with her tweet that Kanika came back from London on 9th March. India was not quarantining at that time but playing Holi. Minutes after the tweet, Sonam Kapoor was trolled on, and her tweet was flooded with replies like she needs to take a break from Twitter.

Sonam Kapoor defends Kanika Kapoor on Twitter

Sonam returned to Mumbai with her husband and is currently self-quarantining and taking safety measures. While the singer Kanika Kapoor who was tested positive, started feeling the symptoms four days back and went for the check-up immediately. She went to Twitter and tweeted that she was scanned at the airport when she returned from London ten days ago, and she started feeling the symptoms only four days back. 

Kanika Kapoor tweeted about being tested positive

Her tweet was responded negatively by the trollers as she neglected the warnings and went for a party, thus putting other lives in danger. She tried to justify that she was tested at the airport, and it was normal, but still got severely trolled. Sonam Kapoor, who came to her rescue, was told to, “Shut up for a few days. That will be of help.”

Officially a complaint has been registered in Lucknow based on the FIR of the Chief Medical Officer for negligence. Whereas, VasundharaRaje and her son Dushyant Singh tweeted that they are observing quarantine after the Lucknow dinner. Even the President, Ram NathKovind, has canceled all his appointments as a part of government compliance.