Indian boy’s nose grown on forehead and gets transplanted on face

World is full of weird things and it makes one wonder about the mysteries of life. Arun Patel was born in a poor family of Indore, Madhya Pradesh. He developed an infection within a few days of his birth and was poorly treated by the doctors which led to damage of the skin and tissue of the nose making it his face all damaged. 

The 12-year old boy was ridiculed by classmates because of his abnormal face as 75% of the nose disappeared. But, that wasn’t the cause of his worries, the problem was difficulty in breathing. However, things changed for good in 2015, when his story reached the ears of a noble doctor, Ashwani Dash who was a plastic surgeon and has heard of a similar case in China. He has read about a treatment where the nose is grown on the patient’s forehead and then is transplanted on the face. 

He wanted to attempt the surgery and with the approval of Arun’s parents, Dr. Dash started the treatment. The treatment had four stages that included placing a special silicon expander on Arun’s forehead, then after a month chemical injection to expand the forehead tissue and taking cartilage from his chest to form an artificial nose. Then in the third phase the artificial nose was inserted in the expanding tissue on the forehead. And, at last transplantation of the nose on the centre of his face. 

The surgery was called pre-fabricated forehead flap Rhinoplasty. It took 3-4 months for the cartilage to grow and a last surgery to repair the damaged forehead. The whole procedure and healing took a complete year, but, finally Arun can breathe normally and live a normal life.