Muslims of Delhi says, “we don’t believe in Coronavirus”

The healthcare professionals of most of the countries in the world are working day and night to find treatment for Coronavirus. Most of the companies have stopped their production, and countries have issued emergencies leading to total lockdown and social distancing. But, there is one community that defies the existence of a virus and is living life as if nothing has happened in the world.

In the recent interview with two Muslims in Delhi, shed light to shocking facts. Muslims in Seemapur district does not believe in Coronavirus; therefore, they do not wear masks and are not observing social distancing. Salman, a resident of Seemapuri said in the interview that they are living just like regular days and even shaking hands or hugging. They do not believe that any virus can 


Salman in an interview said Muslims have no fear from Coronavirus

When he was further asked that doctors are saying to keep distance and wear a mask, to that, Salman replies that he has heard what doctors have said, but they do not observe such precautions in their community; in fact, they still eat together from the same plate. He further added that you could go and check NizammudinMarkaz, everyone sits there together and still eats together from the same plate. 

It is disheartening to see such negligence, especially when the whole world is fighting a war against the deadly novel Coronavirus. Currently, more than 1000 cases have been reported in India, and the country has entered the third phase of the outbreak, which results in mass contamination, and lockdown is observed to control the mass spread. If only people could understand that the virus does not discriminate between religion and community, and it can lead to devastating conditions if proper hygiene and social distancing are not observed.