PM Narendra Modi’s secret behind quitting social media

NarendraModi, Prime Minister of India is a social media sensation and has taken the digital movement of India to new heights. But, his recent internet breaking statement made his fans and followers on Twitter anxious and sleepless. On his Twitter handle, he tweeted that this sunday he may quit his social media handles including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram.

Prime Minister NarendraModi’s post about quitting his social media accounts

His tweet created frenzy and a trend began #NoSir where all his well wishers and followers requested him not to quit social media. Not only his fans, but also the opposition party leader Rahul Gandhi posted, “Quit Hatred Not Social Media” and shared Modi’s tweet. 

His post made people think that our Prime Minister is going on social media detox, but he is a step ahead of his followers. To all who are not aware or forgot, Sunday 8th March is International Women’s Day and he intends to celebrate the day by giving his social media handles to the women who inspire us.


The new campaign on the occasion of International Women’s Day

In the later tweet, he opened about his plan of dedicating his social media handles to all the inspiring woman of the world and their contributions. He shared an image and started a trend with a hashtag #SheInspiresUs and asked a question Are you such a woman whose life can inspire us or do you know such a woman whose life is inspiring? 

The new campaign by Prime Minister NarendraModi indeed is inspiring and selecting the inspiring stories and giving a few selected women to handle his accounts is a way to give an opportunity to the women to lead the country. It is a perfect example of showing equality and respecting women.