Russian teenage girl who got pregnant by a 10-year old boy has become Instagram sensation

Once upon a time, thirteen and ten were considered the innocent age, but the case of Darya and Iwan was an eye opener. Darya is a 13-year old Russian girl who shocked her parents by getting pregnant by a 10-year old boy Iwan who is her childhood friend. 

The couple became the talk of the country when Iwan accepted that they were friends and eventually became romantically involved. Even, Darya clearly stated that she has no other sexual partner except her childhood friend. They both belong to Zheleznogorsk, a secret city in Russia for manufacturing Nuclear weapons. But, the medical reports gave a different story, according to Dr Evgeny Grekov who examined the boy, said “There cannot be sperm cells. He is still a child.”

Grekov, a urologist and andrologist said, “We rechecked the laboratory results three times so there cannot be any mistake”.

Darya and Iwan both stuck to their story and accepted romantic involvement and now she has become an Instagram sensation. Darya’s recent photographs on Instagram show her baby bump and that baby glow on her face. She is 20-weeks pregnant and is expected to give birth via Caesarean. 

The Russian Federation for the Krasnoyarsk Territory and the Republic of Khakassia created an investigation committee to check into the case. One of the police spokesman said, ``On January 13, 2020, the police received information from doctors of the Federal State Budget Healthcare Institution of the city of Zheleznogorsk that a 13-year old schoolgirl was pregnant”.

The Russian media cooked up stories about Darya being raped by a 15-year old teenager named Stepan and how Darya and Iwan cooked up the whole romance angle. But, Darya clearly stated, “First of all, I don’t even know any Stepan… and the reports are complete nonsense.

She also said that there is No DNA test conducted to establish the paternity and the investigation committee did not make an official statement about the 15-year old teenager.