Alia’s tweet again proves she is beauty without brains!

Once upon a time, there was a word invented “Bimbo” for an attractive, but not so intelligent women and Alia has proved to be the one. In fact, she has become synonymous to cute but dumb and time and again proves it. You must be wondering now what she has done to get trolled?

The ardent followers of Alia must be aware of her latest tweet where she pleads her fans to help find a lost Persian cat. 

But the story was something different, and it seems like the cute Indian actress did not read properly or could not understand the Basic English. Do you want to know the whole picture?

Well, Sachin Bangera, Director of Celebrity and Public Relations, PETA India tweeted on 19th January that he has found a Lost Persian and wants to rehome it. Whereas, Alia did not understand the context or read the entire tweet and retweeted the tweet requesting her fans to help him find the lost cat.

As hilarious as it sounds, the actress was trolled yet again for her mistake and was called dumb or beauty without brains. Her fans could not resist trolling her, and there were truly some funny and some rude trolls that made the whole thing a big deal.

One such comment made the people laugh their heart out when the follower sarcastically stated she is Einstein’s aunt (pun intended)

While one of her followers created a new hashtag for her foolishness. Is it hard to believe? Here’s the proof:

Alia did not respond to the follower and neither did she delete the tweet. But, she again proved that behind her cute smile and genuine concern lays a reigning beauty without brains. Alia, it is time to slow down and start reading because media and your followers are watching scrutinising your every action all the time.