Puppy with an ear on the forehead, has become an Instagram Sensation

Golden retrievers are the cutest furry dogs that make a perfect pet. They are naughty, obedient and yet way too adorable. But, there is one such retriever pup that has become an Instagram sensation. Rae, a golden unicorn pup with an ear in the middle of the forehead. He looks nothing like a dog and people do mistake him as a golden unicorn all the time.

Rae with his owner on the visit to vet has become an internet sensation

But, life wasn’t easy for Rea, as only after two days of his birth, his birth mom accidentally bit his left year off. It left him with only one year, and all the healing and treatments led to shifting his right year in the middle of the forehead. Thankfully, the pup was saved and could hear normally like other dogs, but had a weird looking face with an ear on the forehead. 

His now forever family shares how he is so cute and friendly. They give him the name Rae which actually is ear spelt backwards. The pup became famous when one of the TikTok users uploaded his video when he was visiting his vet. Sambosmitty, the TikTok user and vet technician uploaded another video related to his playful nature and got more than half a million likes.

Rae’s Instagram account has around 12000 followers

Since the day Rae has become an internet sensation, his Instagram account fan base has increased by 12000 followers, and people keep commenting,” He is not a dog, he is a unicorn” or “11/10 on cuteness”.