ArnabGoswami trolled for hosting #ChinaGetOut Debate because the show was sponsored by Xiaomi and Vivo

ArnabGoswami is the name people know as the critical debater and a fearless journalist. He know the exact buttons to press to provoke the sentiments which makes his debates the most watched shows on the Indian television. 

However, this time Arnab is popular on Twitter not because of his thought provoking debates, but as a troll. Are you wondering why? Well, it’s because the critically acclaimed journalist debated boycotting Chinese products. 

So, what’s wrong with that? While he was expressing his Anti-Chinese sentiments, the show was displaying ads of Vivo and Xiaomi. To those who didn’t understand yet, it means the show is sponsored by the two largest Multinational Chinese companies.  

Ironical, isn’t it? While in the debate he was shouting about boycotting Chinese products in India, the logo of Vivo and Xiaomi popped up. The irony was spotted by a Twitter account named Nirmala Tai.  

She tweeted, “Boycott China powered by Mi10 and Vivo.”

It was a matter of time when people staring slamming the show and Mr. Goswami as a hypocrite. 

The channel was showing ads of the leading brands Xiaomi and Vivo which harbored disappointment in the audience and the purpose of the debate was forgotten and trolling began.