Covid-19 suspect Indian from Australia committed suicide in Delhi, India

Coronavirus, which has become a deadly virus leading to mass contamination and deaths around the world, has become the worst nightmare for an Indian family. Tanveer Singh, who was returning from Sydney, Australia, was suspected positive at the airport and was taken to Safdarjung hospital for isolation. 

It is essential to press the fact that the deceased was only suspected, and nothing was confirmed yet. Unfortunately, he was so devastated by the news that he took his life by jumping from the 7th floor of the hospital. A piece of shocking and disturbing news not only for the family but for the entire nation. 

Devender Arya, Deputy Commissioner of Police, gave a statement to ANI, "suspected coronavirus patient committed suicide by jumping from the Safdarjung Hospital. The deceased has been identified as Tanveer Singh; he was admitted to the hospital today at 9 pm after returning from Sydney, Australia,"

ANI tweeted about the man who committed suicide because he was suspected positive

The 23year old boy has been working in Sydney for the last one year and came to meet his parents in SBS Nagar, Punjab. He was referred to Safdarjung hospital by IGI when he claimed to have a headache and was brought to the hospital at 9 pm. He was shifted to the super-specialty block of the hospital, and at 9:15 pm, the guards heard a thud sound and found him lying dead in his pool of blood. The medical staff of the hospital was restricted to touch or go near the body, once the special team arrived and checked for the virus only then the body was shifted to the morgue. 

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The deceased was supposed to travel to his city the next day, but now his family has been informed about the unfortunate incident, and they are on their way to claim the body. The deceased's mobile phone and belongings are in possession of the Delhi police as of now.