Martyr Major’s Wife Took a Brave Decision on his Death Anniversary

At midnight a group of terrorists infiltrated the Line of Control last year in Bandipora, Kashmir but the armed soldiers foiled their plan. Amongst those brave soldiers was Major Kaustubh Rane, who gave his life protecting his motherland. Left behind by a wife and a two and a half year old son, the Kohinoor of Indian Army also wouldn’t have thought there will come a day when his wife will join the Indian Army.

The patriotism, infinite courage, and duty towards the nation are the legacy of Kaustubh Rane that won’t be a forgotten tale. The Martyrs wife, Kanika Rane is now set to continue his legacy and has cleared the Service Selection Board Exam. With her eyes fixed on the mission to serve the nation, she has decided to be a proud soldier of the Indian Army just as her husband. After the rigorous 49-week training that will be commenced at the National Defence Academy, she will start her services and make her motherland her first priority.

Source: Time Now


The Veer Nari spoke to the Daily and reminisced the time when her husband used to tell her that when life pushes you down, you don’t have to stay down, it is in your hands to pull the harness and pull yourself back. Even though the ongoing trials and tribulations, emotional turmoil and family responsibilities on her shoulder made her last year challenging, but Kanika Rane is in high spirits and geared up to take the responsibility of the nation on her shoulders.


Source: Time Now

Major Kaustubh Rane sacrificed his life in an encounter at Line of Control in Kashmir’s Bandipora district. He must be proud of his wife’s decision in heaven and must be wishing her well in all her