Sonu Sood’s ‘best solution’ for the woman asking his help to stay apart from her husband

Sonu Sood, one of the leading actors of Bollywood, who has demonstrated his compassionate side by arranging transportation of for hundreds of migrants stuck into another city amidst lockdown. So, people are acclaiming him for being the superhero in this outrageous situation of the pandemic. His benevolent works help so many migrants to meet with their families. Despite that, a compassionate characteristic has been shown how down to earth he is. Sonu Sood is given some hilarious reply to his fans when being asked some amusing questions.  

Well, a Twitter user Sushrima Acharya is completely peeved while staying with his husband in this quarantine period for more than two months and she has diligently requested this veteran actor either send her to her mother’s house or throw him out of the house. So, in this context, SonuSood has made a witty comment to his fan’s request. 

So, quickly take a glance at the Sushrima’s comment. She urged: “@SonuSood, I am residing with my husband since Janta Curfew to Lockdown 4.0. Can you please either send him or send me to my parent’s house, as I am unable to stay with him anymore”. The actor came up with a prudent and as well as a cool solution for his fan. Well, Sonu replied, “I have a better plan either, let me send both of you to the amazing beach of Goa. What say?” 

Apart from that, a pregnant migrant woman has recently named her child to SonuSood as he helped her to reach to her native village. During an interview, while he was asked about the naming of a migrant woman’s son after him, he said that he was touched by the utmost gesture. “I said, how the surname could be Sood as you are Shrivastav? So, it should probably be SonuShrivastav. After that, she replied, ‘No, we have named our son SonuSoodShrivastav’. That was absolutely unprecedented; I was overwhelmed.” 

While seeing the onerous situation of these stranded migrants to return home made Sonu ‘awfully impulsive’. During an interview last month with Hindustan Times, he told that he is ready to provide all the facilities to the migrants to reach their native places. “It has been an extremely mushy journey for me, as it is heart-rending to see these migrants stay away from their domicile and trying to walk all the way home. I will continue sending these feckless migrants to their homes until the last migrant reconciles with his family and loved ones. This is absolutely close to my heart and I will give my utmost effort”, he said.  

So, this veteran actor is too generous to the poor migrants, and as well as he retorted to his fan and came up with a miraculous solution. Thus, we can understand how compassionate he is and apart from being a superstar, he is too down to earth, and helps those migrants to get back to their homes safely.