Instagram Influencer couple slammed for their life risking photographs

Every day we come across many images posted by travel influencers, which are highly dangerous. Now, an image is getting viral on internet of world travelers posing at Laguna Humanstay, a lake in the Peruvian Andes. An Instagram post showing two travel influencers on cliff hundreds of feet above the lake, one dangling the other over the abyss has made the lake popular.

On the Instagram post, the couple captioned, "There is a difference between risking your life and taking a risk at having one. Behind the masses of those that wish to watch, you lead a quiet and sedentary life is an open, unlined canvas. Never let yourself be beaten down for living your life by those too afraid to live their own."

The couple with the account name “Positravelty” was under fire earlier too in April for similar image taken in Bali.

They said at the time that we were playing with optics, and there was another pool 8 meters below Castille. Moreover, the couple said the photo represented the strength of their trust in one another.

In their new image posted on August 28th amassed 14,000 likes but also came with critical comments.

One follower commented, "Why is he always dangling you over the edge?" "This should be titled 'natural selection at work.' One slip and you are done."

Castille and Workman told CNN that the image they took in Bali was a trick of perspective and were not scared to the slightest.

"Perspective shots like these avoid certain surrounding elements. As for this specific shot, it is the framing that creates the dramatic perspective."

They also denied that they are encouraging followers and put others in danger.

They said, "We will never live any moment of our lives concerned that someone, somewhere, 'might' one day copy us. We believe that everyone is capable of making their own decisions and determining what they should and should not do," adding, "this is our creative outlet."