True Story: Maharashtra police arrested a parrot for abusing an old lady

Parrots, the cute and witty bird known for learning the human language easily, are in danger now. Hariyal, the pet parrot of Suresh, resident of Mumbai, got into trouble for hurling abuses to an 85-year old woman named Janabai Sakharkar. The weird incident got police laughing their heart out when they received an odd request of arresting a parrot.


According to the DNA reports, Suresh is the stepson of Janabai, who purposely taught the parrot to abuse his step-mother. When the parrot was brought to custody, and his owner was enquired, police found out that there was an ongoing property dispute



Although the police were amused by the strange complaint of arresting the parrot, they fulfilled their duty by complying with the complaint. It is a known fact that parrots have a strong grasping power and tend to repeat the words they here often. 


When the parrot was bought to the police station, he was calm and silent. He did not utter any abuses. In fact, he went on mute mode and did not utter a single word when probed. But, the owner had to suffer the consequences for the act. 

Hariyal was not given back to Suresh. Rather, he was given to the forest department for rehabilitation. The Rajkot police thought that by setting him free, he would live in his natural surroundings and forget the obscene words he has learned from his owner.