A Women Employee Gets Beaten Up By The Rod When She Has Asked Her colleague To Wear The Mask

One of the workers named Usha who was working on a contract basis was beaten up by the deputy manager of the hotel under the Andhra Pradesh Tourism Department. 

The woman was differently-abled and was beaten up with an iron rod during her work hours. The incident took place in the Nellore district on June 27 (Saturday) and was recorded on the CCTV camera.

The reason she got beaten up is shocking that she was asking one of her colleagues to wear the mask.

Usha was beaten left, right and centre by the Deputy Manager of the hotel. The accused has been arrested by the police under the applicable sections on him. A report was registered against him after the case happened.

The woman had filed a police complaint against him immediately after the incident. Whereas the Nellore police stated that the same person was sent to the judicial remand. 

Nellore police have posted on Twitter to update everyone about the case details. 

Police have also said that the accused was also trying to run away from his place after the incident took place and an FIR was registered against him. 

The tweet posted by the Nellore police described “today morning after the arrest of the accused, as per protocol, a medical examination and COVID tests were conducted. There was no delay on the part of Nellore Police”.

On the other hand, one of the journalists has made his statement through twitter explaining what has exactly happened. He stated “Shocking Video! only because she asked him to wear a mask, #AndhraPradesh Tourism dept Dy Manager Bhaskar beats up contractual worker Usha with an iron rod in the office. The incident in #Nellore district on Saturday. The woman, a differently-abled, filed a police complaint”.

The video was viewed by more than 78,000 times and caught fire on the internet within no time. People are shocked by the incident and have pounded up at the Andhra Pradesh Tourism hotel for this pathetic act.

There have been several reactions of people on twitter stating how a person can be so ruthless doing this to ta woman who had asked him to just wear a mask.