Ten Years old Snake Boy of India inspirational story of fight against pain

Ten Years old Boy from Ganjam nicknames Snake Boy only for the excruciating pain of shedding skin too fast - All due to a genetic disorder

Ganjam district, Assam - Jagannath, is a Young Indian boy suffering from the rare skin disease of lamellar ichthyosis. Jagannath, whose skin has been covered with thicker and dark plates layers since his childhood. His skin is unable to shed his old cells regularly. 

Image Source: swns.com

The skin of this north Indian boy is constantly flaking and it becomes dehydrated every hour. His mother claimed that he needs to take bathe every hour and moisturize his skin every four hours to prevent his pain.  

The medical report told that Jagannath suffers from a rare genetic disorder, lamellar ichthyosis. It caused by genetic faults; as a result, his skin gets old too fast, sheds and dry out.  Ichthyosis affects more than 2 million peoples around the globe.

Image Source: swns.com

This shocking photo of a young boy named Jagannath, from the Ganjam district of Assam, eastern India; his skin is getting completely dried out and stretched his body like a snake.

This genetic disorder mainly appears by birth. After Jagannath’s birth, his skin membrane is getting red and painted with large dark plate-like areas. His skin becomes tight every day. Sometimes he feels pain while walking, moving, and even closing his eyes because of his hard and tight skin. 

Prabhakar Pradhan, the father of Jagannath, works on a paddy field as labor. It is impossible for him to afford the entire cost of Jagannath’s treatment. He told our reporter: “My son has suffered such kind of disease from his childhood whose cost isn’t affordable by me. I do not have enough money to take a high-level treatment and my heart breaks seeing his suffering with this painful disease.” 

It is very sad that there is no option to cure Jagannath’s condition at this time.  Our reporter talked with a senior Indian doctor, Dr. Rakhesh Chowdhury and he informed us that there is no way to cure the current condition of him. By using some medical creams Jagannath can get initial relief and prevent his pain.