The Wire Senior Editor says, "Stop the propaganda Now!" and refuses to believe the complaints against Tablighi Jamaat

A few days earlier, Muslims of TablighiJamaat were admitted to Ghaziabad Hospital and kept under observation for the signs of deadly Coronavirus. But, nurses filed a complaint against them, stating they roam around without pants in their wards, give lewd remarks and listen to dirty songs. It makes it difficult to treat them as it is humiliating. 

The CMO of the MMG district hospital sent a letter to the local police complaining, "The Jamaat patients put under observation for suspected coronavirus infection at the hospital's isolation ward have been roaming around without their pants, nude, and listening to vulgar songs." 

However, the senior editor of The Wire, ArfaKhanumSherwani, feels that it is propaganda and defends the Islamic Missionary Association. She declared that the so-called perverts of the TablighiJamaat are innocent, and the nurses are accusing them wrongly. She strongly supported the members of the association and said nurses are not the victim of any perverts sexually predatory behavior. 


She stated that "I know them as selfless individuals who leave the materialistic world, even their families in service of religion/society." Openly claiming it to be propaganda, she tweeted that they are the orthodox community and also rigid, but will never harass doctors or molest women.