Twitter loads with trolls as Ambani announced the launch of Mixed reality ‘Jio Glass'

On 15th July, Reliance Chairman, Mukesh Ambani announced in the 43rd Annual Meeting about the launch of several new products. As far as we have seen, Mukesh Ambani has surpassed Warren Buffett to become the world's sixth-richest person. Now with the new product launch, people are even more amused by the business reach of this man. After Jio music, Jio saavan, Jio TV, and other services like JioChat, JioMart, and JioMeet, Reliance Jio is all set to launch its 5G services, Jio TV+ and Jio Glass. Among all other products, Jio Glass will introduce mixed reality for online conferencing, majorly for teachers and students. Jio Glass is designed to enable 3D virtual rooms and to conduct holographic classes via Jio mixed reality services.

The mixture of augmented and virtual reality can also be used for meetings. This newly announced product weighs just 75 grams but will work magically for the virtual meetings. After the unveiling of the company's first-ever smartglasses, netizens flooded the social media platforms with hilarious memes. While Jio announced its various products launch in its meeting, people on Twitter went crazy with the memes setting humour on 'Jio Glasses'.

People related the glasses with movie scenes, including Black and Akshay Kumar’s iconic meme picture and whatnot. People also hilariously shared memes on Ambani getting richer during this pandemic. Apart from the huge announcement made during the pandemic, twitter getting overloaded with such hilarious memes was not expected. Twitter users have stormed the platform with interesting and humorous responses. Many Jio users even related the product with Ajay Devgan's picture in black glasses with creative captions that will roll you to laughter. 

While the citizens were busy making humorous memes, Isha and Akash Ambani stole the thunder in the Reliance's Jio Glass Demo. The company has not yet revealed the price or the availability details of the product, but they did share how the product will work. “Jio Glass is making teachers and students come together in 3D virtual rooms and conduct holographic classes throughout Jio mixed reality cloud in real-time. With Jio Glass, the traditional way of learning geography will now be history", said Mr Thomas.

Apart from the jokes, people are waiting for the launch of this iconic product as they want to experience how connecting through mixed reality feels like.