Shocking yet true: Bank Employee teaches lesson to his bank manager for arriving late

You must have heard or read the cases where an employee is taught a lesson by the manager when he is not punctual. But what if the whole scene reverses and the manager is not punctual? Can you imagine an employee teaching the manager about punctuality?

Is it the right time that the junior employees speak up the right things rather than just following the footpath of their seniors? One of the bank's employees doesn’t let his manager come inside during the duty time early morning.

Where he is telling his boss that he is late and should not be allowed to enter in. The other person with the manager calls out his grudges and asks if he can run the bank alone.

But this employee sticks to what he is saying by making a statement again and again that he is late from his time so he will not be allowed to enter. 

He also said that the day before yesterday they have sent him back for the same reason for coming late and have put him on leave. He says that the official time to enter is 9:30 but he is too late. 

One of the other employees threatens him that he would have to lose his job due to this act. Then he replies “that my work will speak for me you don’t need to talk about how much do I work”.

The other employee who was entering the bank with the manager abuses and throws his phone away as this employee was making a video of everything. 

The bank manager opens the door with another key he had and enters. The reason which was seen in the video is that there was a sort of partiality with this employee who was with the manager. There were no leaves marked for him if in any case, he uses to go home or was not on time.

But on the other hand, this employee was not even spared for entering the bank ten minutes late to the official timings.

The video also shows that the employee was frustrated with this act so he might have done this. The reason could also be the partiality the bank manager has been doing with him not considering any of his problems and also marking leaves and sending him back even when he was just 10 minutes late.

The hierarchy in India has to be broken by these people who stand up for themselves. He has done what he thought was right. But if the seniors are late then it is obvious that it will create a space for his juniors to enter in late as they will not have to justify when they see their boss doing the same thing.

We all especially the subordinates need to come together if we see any sort of partiality or favouritism happening with anyone in the workplace. It’s a case of NOW OR NEVER. It is better to speak up and stand with what is right and who is right.