Indian Mom rides 1400km on her scooty to bring her son home during the lockdown

It is believed that a mother can go to any extent to save her children. We have always heard it in fables, mythologies and movies, but Razia is a living example of a mother’s unconditional love. While the entire country is under strict lockdown, Razia, a teacher in Bodhan, Nizamabad, drove 1400kms to get her son back from Andhra Pradesh. 

Razia’s son Nizamuddin wants to become a doctor and therefore was enrolled in Hyderabad for his classes. He went to Nellore, Andhra Pradesh with his friend whose father was unwell and as the lockdown was announced suddenly, he could not return back to his hometown Bodhan. 

But, Razia was determined to get him back. In spite of the fact there was no public transportation available, the teacher took permission from the authorities to drive all the way to Nellore on her scooty to get her child back. She reported that she was stopped a number of times during her journey, but the letter from ACP Jaipal Reddy of Bodhan.

She said, “It was not difficult. I had to travel along forest area roads too. I was not scared of anything. All I wanted was to get my son back.” The mother of three and teacher by profession, she drove for 1400kms and reached Nellore on 7th April and immediately started her journey back to her hometown with her son by her side.