Woman in Kolkata licked and heckled a cop to spread Coronavirus

While Coronavirus is contaminating the world, lockdown is making people frustrated and ridiculous. A disturbing scene came into the picture while cops were doing their job of ensuring that everyone is following the lockdown. 

A team of cops were patrolling the Salt Lake area in Kolkata and asking the car drivers where they were going when a woman misbehaved. 

Cops being abused, licked and heckled by the lady

As per the government orders, they were maintaining the curfew and stopped the cab driver who was taking the lady to Salt Lake from Picnic Garden. While the cops were questioning the driver, the lady got out of the car and started abusing the cops. 

The woman who might have had a tooth infection, which led to bleeding, she stained the uniform of the police officer with her blood. The lady lost all her senses and started hurling abuses to the officer, licked and even heckled him. 

The lady did not stop there and even said that if she has been stopped because cops think she has Coronavirus, then she will spread it to them as well. A shocking and inhumane way of behaving, this lady did not show any signs of remorse. 

She justified her actions by saying that she was looking for a particular medicine which she could not find in her locality that's why she had to come all the way to Salt Lake.

If you see the video, it clearly shows that the police were talking to the driver, and the lady created a scene because a cop was doing his duty. When the cops reprimanded her and said they were talking to the driver, not her, she further stained the cop's uniform with blood and pushed him away while hurling abuses. 

Discussions are doing the rounds that the lady should be severely punished, and an example should be set for not following PM's order and abusing the cop in a state of emergency. 

Let's see whether the case is dusted away or police actually set an example by teaching her a lesson. Woman or a man, nobody has the right to misbehave with anyone, especially when they are following the law and maintaining order in such difficult times.