Three Inspirational life stories of people who did not quit during challenging times

Everybody, once in a while, experiences failure in one or the other aspect of their life. It could be something as small as not getting the grades you wanted, the job you wanted, the type of partner you wanted, or the life you wish you had. But you must not forget this failure does not define who you are. It is said that you fall so that you can rise higher. Here are some of the failure-to-success stories of some of the famous people all over the world, who will lead you towards motivation.

1. A Sports Star

Before: once there was a young boy who was caught up in a fire accident that destroyed his lower half of the body. His family was told that he would not survive, or else he would have a disability throughout his life. Much to the doctor's amazement, he survived but lost all his motor ability from his waist down. All there was left was just thin legs dangling there lifeless and his motivation to walk. This motivation was so strong that one day; he threw himself from his wheelchair and pulled himself across, dragging his legs behind him. He would reach a fence and try to get up with a faith in himself that he could walk again. With persistence and determination, he trained himself to get up, walk, and run.


Source wikipedia

After: He became the world's fastest mile runner, and his name was Dr. Glenn Cunningham

2. An Entrepreneur

Before: he had an adverse childhood. His parents were separated, and his father abused his mother and siblings physically. His first marriage broke because he was no longer into a medical career, and he cheated on his wife. Not only did he fail his job as a medical equipment salesman, but also his girlfriend ditched him because of the ongoing financial crisis. After passing a licensing exam in 1983 he became an employee of Dean Witter and then established his brokerage firm named Gardner Rich & Co.


source : wikipedia

After: He is none other than Chris Gardner, C.E.O and founder of Christopher Gardner International Holdings. His life is even portrayed in the movie Pursuit of Happiness.

3. A software engineer and founder of Whatsapp

With years of experience in a renowned international website called Yahoo, Brian was rejected by Twitter and Facebook. It was 2009, and he had already worked with Apple, and Facebook was a start-up back then. But he wasn’t given a chance to showcase his talent. But, he was determined to do something innovative.


Source wikipedia

After: He teamed up with his colleague from former company Yahoo, and came with an app that is now used worldwide. It has dominated the cloud-based messaging industry, and to curb the competition it was acquired by Facebook for $19 billion in 2014. Yes, you guessed it right, the app is Whatsapp and man behind the app is Brian Acton. He did not lose confidence when he was rejected by the ace developers; instead, he was ready for the adventure and took the world by storm by launching Whatsapp.

When life puts you down, it is the time to stay there and introspect because only in those moments something unconventional will happen that will change the course of your life. But, if you will lose hope and quit, then like millions of people in the world, you will also eat, live and die. Stories of these brave and confident human beings prove that if we can be positive and determined then we can write our destiny.