20,000 Chinese tourists walked into Huangshan National Park breaking the social distancing norm

Covid19 positive cases have curbed in China and as the danger has plateaued the people in Anhui district of the country are breaking the social distancing norm. When China was under complete lockdown in China, The Huangshan National Park was also locked out, but it reopened in February with an acceptable capacity of 20,000 rather than 50,000. 

Huangshan National Park in order to increase tourism and attract people gave free tickets to the park. The response of the strategy was humongous as it attracted more than 20,000 Chinese tourists. The stimulus was so strong the people were attracted within a nick of the moment without worrying about the possible threat of Coronavirus. 

The national park is a lush green place where people come for peace of mind amid nature, but that was not the case when it was reopened. Every hour more than 5300 new tourists were standing in the entry queue and by 09:22am 80% of the capacity was full. 

Within an hour the park was full and the authorities had to issue an apology to people for not able to accept more than 20,000 people in the park. The queue was screened to access their body temperature and check the bill of health. The park authorities even announced that it is mandatory to wear masks and adopt social distancing in the park. 

But, how is it even possible when you are out with family and sightseeing? The authorities assured to follow all the health protocols, but opening up the national park and giving a free ticket was a bait that was irresistible for the people prisoned in their own house. Let’s hope it does not result in the beginning of second season of Coronavirus outbreak in China.