Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezoz got $8Billion richer within minutes, but how?

The week turns out to be a good one for Jeff Bezos, a billionaire of billionaires, as he got richer, gaining 8,000,000 dollars within a span of a few minutes! This astonishing news took the market by surprise as the man noticed his net worth increase!

Most of the reports that came regarding this billionaire highlighted that most of his wealth came from his share of stocks in Amazon. Bezos has been getting richer and richer ever since his divorce in 2019, giving him access to 25% of stocks in the company and authority of 12% of the company, accounting for his current total net worth of 128 billion USD.

It all happened on Thursday when Amazon, the retail company in which he held shares, blew out the Wall Street results posting total net profits of 3.8 billion US Dollars and a share price of 6.47 USD per share, experiencing a rise in revenue by 21%. Since the Amazon stock revenue shot up more than estimated by the investors and Bezos owned roughly 57.5 million shares in the company, he simply earned 8 million US Dollars right away within minutes!

It is calculated that Bezos makes an average of 149.53 USD per minute, only from his shares in the Amazon stocks. Financially, 2019 was not a good year for Bezos, since he had to give away 25% of his stock, giving 4% stake over the company. However, a surge in prices at the beginning of this year changed the cycle of his financial accounts altogether.

This is indeed good news for our Amazon, CEO! It is much waited to see how Bezos diligently keeps managing the trillionaire firm of Amazon to reach its height and what this senior manager does to invest more for gaining profits from shares this 2020. After all, it is much awaited how the CEO uses this news in his portfolio, to manage and explain the expenses to all the investors and shareholders.