Humanity still alive: 700 dogs are daily fed by a man in Noida

Coronavirus has left hundreds of jobless, infected, and suffering people, but it's not only humans facing the brunt. Quarantine and shutdown have led to the starvation of many strays as they are dependent on leftovers from restaurants and food joints. However, a man from Noida took matters into his own hands and started feeding the canine's even when he lost his job. 

Vidit Sharma, the 28-year-old man from Noida, said, "I have been feeding street dogs for four years. Following the announcement of lockdown, my office was also closed, so I started doing this on a large scale. Street dogs and other stray animals are dependent on leftover food from offices, restaurants, and malls, but they were closed due to lockdown." 

Even the regular feeders could not continue feeding the strays owing to the lockdown, but Vidit took upon himself to feed no matter what. He started with feeding four dogs in his area. 

He said, "I started feeding four dogs in the beginning. But later, the number increased, and I am feeding around 700 dogs and 45 puppies. During the lockdown, I used to feed them twice a day. But now, since my office has resumed recently, I have started feeding them at night. I have hired a rickshaw-puller who feeds the strays in the day." 

Talking about the daily food, he shared, "I cook 100-kilogram rice daily in my kitchen. I mix soybean and around 200 eggs in rice. Then we feed them. We also serve them 'daliya' and rotis with milk. We change the food every day." 

He further shared how the protection of the strays is important and how to reduce the number of accidents; he purchased radium collars. 

"During the lockdown, traffic was minimum. After 'Unlock1' began, accident cases increased. Then, I came up with the idea of radium collars. It will help people to identify these dogs in the dark. I have purchased 60 radium collars. One collar costs Rs 360. I am planning to purchase 1,000 collars," 

"When I posted this on social media, some people helped us. Some helped with money; a shopkeeper provided me with rice at a price lower than the retailing price. A person provides me milk at the rate, which is cheaper than the market rate." 

Indeed it is a sigh of relief to hear that there are people like Vidit who go out of their way to help animals. Today, all we hear is about the death of an elephant or cow due to explosive food. People like Vidit are an inspiration for society and mankind.