23-year-old boy refuses to eat food cooked by Dalit woman because gets possessed by a deity

An odd case came into limelight that shows how people still do caste discrimination and can go to any extent to hide their skewed mindset. A twenty-three old man from Nainital claims that he cannot eat food because he is possessed by a deity, if he eats outside food. A rather hilarious excuse, but in reality, he does not eat food because it is cooked by a Dalit woman. 

The incident took place in Government Primary School in Bhumka Village of Nainital, where Dinesh Chandra Milkani is residing with his three nephews and three other persons. As they are stuck there in quarantine since May 15, and the caretaker of the school, Bhawani Devi prepared food. 

When the food was served, all the other individuals ate it including the three nephews of Dinesh, but he did not. He gave an excuse that his food will come from home as he cannot eat outside food. Further, when Bhawani Devi offered him a glass of water, he did not take that either. 

When the Pradhan of Bhumka village got to know about the situation, he visited the school. Mukesh Chandra Baudhh, the Pradhan of the village told the Times that he confronted Dinesh and he said the same thing, “Milkani said that his food will be delivered by his family. But, when we asked him to drink water touched by Devi, he refused again.” 

The Pradhan realised that it was the case of Caste Discrimination, so he filed the complaint. When Dinesh was probed about the same, he denied the allegations saying that he gets possessed by a deity, if he does not eat home cooked food. He is booked under Indian Penal Code (IPC) and the SC/ST Act.