Latest research shows that infrared sensors in the dogs nose can detect heat

Dogs are cute but nosy, always sniffing around the surroundings. But, do you know there are infrared sensors on the tip of the dog’s nose? Yes, it is true. The tip of the dog’s nose has multiple nerve endings that make it a sensitive area.

According to research conducted at Lund University of Sweden and the EotvosLorand University of Hungary, scientists have confirmed that when senses like hearing, taste and sight are hindered, animals, especially dogs, can better understand how to detect their prey with the smell.

The lead author of a study published in the journal Scientific Reports, Anna Balint, said: “Dogs are able to sense the thermal radiation coming from warm bodies or weak thermal radiation and they can also direct their behaviour according to this signal.”

They were curious to know the effect of infrared sensors on the brain and conducted an expert. It showed that when a dog is shown objects that are higher than their surroundings, their brain activity is higher. Similarly, when they are in a warmer area, there is a higher activity in the brain in comparison to colder surroundings or objects.

It will be exciting to see how this new revelation can be an asset to humanity and how we can use dogs in security and defense projects.