An emotional moment when Bleu Greenwood, a 4year old toddler with cerebral palsy walks

The most shattering news for any parent is when they hear that their child has a rare disease. Such was the case of Bleu Greenwood’s parents, who were told that their only child will not be able to walk or talk ever because of a fatal condition.



After ten days of birth, Bleu Greenwood started having seizures and he was diagnosed with cerebral palsy when he was only four months old. His parents were told that it was a rare stage-5 cerebral palsy called Dystonic quadriplegic that will adversely affect all his limbs. Apart from the rare disease, he was also suffering from sleep apnoea, weak immune system and epilepsy.


However, his parents did not lose hope and wanted a better future for their little baby. They consulted with top health care professionals but were met with similar responses. In fact, NHS did not approve of the surgery, but they started raising funds for private operation of their child, medication and hospital expenses.


They raised around 10,000 pounds, and Bleu Greenwood underwent surgery where some nerves were removed from his spinal cord. Doctors were hopeful that the surgery would improve his condition but did not assure that it will help him walk. After the surgery, he underwent intensive therapy for months and finally could take his first steps.


The above-posted video is of first steps of Bleu Greenwood towards his nursery. The toddler was grinning while taking his steps with the help of a specially adapted walker and excited walking towards the nursery. Rielle, his mother, said that "It was the most emotional moment of my life."


"It was so lovely and overwhelming to see because we never ever thought it would happen. It just shows how determined he is, and we are so proud of him," Rielle Chapple, 27, said. His mother also added that the whole family and relatives celebrated the moment and were teary-eyed witnessing the miracle.