Delhi police arrested a 50 year old man for hurling abuses, spitting and calling a woman “Corona"

While the nation is at war with the novel Coronavirus, some people have absolutely no shame and are creating nuisance even in challenging times. A disturbing incident took place in Delhi while the lockdown was announced.

A 25year old woman from North-East who resides in Vijaynagar was on her way back from buying groceries when she happened to be crossing an empty stretch. Suddenly, a middle-aged man came on a scooter and started making racial remarks, harassing her, and misbehaving with her. When she shouted at him in self-defense, he spat on her and hurled abuses.

While he ran away on her scooter, he called her Corona and spat on her. The woman was shocked by the incident and said I was frozen and didn't know how to react. Later, she went to the police station and filed a complaint against the old man. Her complaint stated, "She was passing through a dark stretch when a man, appearing to be in his early 50's, passed lewd comments on her. When she objected, he spat on her and managed to escape after shouting Corona," 

When the Chief Minister of Delhi, Mr. Arvind Kejriwal, got to know about the incident. He condemned it on Twitter and demanded strict action from the Delhi Police. Following his orders, the man was found and arrested. 

Arvind Kejriwal condemned the incident on Twitter

It is not one incident that came to light. People from the North-east face such humiliation often. On Holi, a college girl was called Corona, and water balloons were thrown on her against her will. And, a woman was restricted entry in a restaurant on Pandara Road, Delhi, because she was from the North-East. Such incidents have been reported, and the Ministry of Home Affairs has issued orders to take strict actions against the offenders.