Saving your Sisters-Daughters In Up Might Lead You To Your Death

What would you do if your sister, daughter, mother would be assaulted? Here is the same case from UP which has shaken us to death. How would one define the boundaries of right and wrong? 

The case reflects Vikram Joshi who raised his voice for his niece who was assaulted. Vikram Joshi was shot after he did do. The family is facing a tough time after his demise. 

Vikram Joshi who was a press reporter had raised his voice against the wrong to support his niece. But is that difficult in UP to stand for the right?

Payal Joshi who in relation is his sister speaks to one of the reporters stating what exactly happened. She says that they made a complaint in the Vijaynagar Police station on Holi and no investigation was made on the case after that. On 16th July some drunkard boys came nearby their house and started abusing. 

After Vikram entered the scene these boys started yelling at him and ran after that. The family made a complaint on the same day at the Police station and also made a complaint on 17th July at the SSP office. 

There was zero reaction from both the places where the complaint was made. On 20th July the boys came back with some weapons. 

There was a small family gathering where Vikram started to politely have a conversation with the boys but they refused to listen and went back. Vikram again made a complaint the same day wherein response he got the response from the inspector that he is asleep and will probably call him back on the next day.

However, they held grudges against them and came back while Vikram was out with his daughters. A boy named Abhishek hit Vikram with a rod on his head. Till the time family reached on spot Vikram was shot dead.

Hence the police had backed off that there will be no further investigation made in this case.

Payal complains that the police had done nothing in favour of this case where the family was not at all a fault.

The CM of UP Adityanath Yogi has been mentioned for giving 10 Lakhs to the family in form of emotional gesture and the lost family has been through but Payalyells in an interview saying that money cannot get her brother back.