At one side cops giving cake to birthday girl and on another side beating a 12-year-old boy

In the current times, where the country needs compassion and security, the armed cops are spreading violence and terror. A disturbing incident came in the limelight in Bareilly where a 12-year-old boy has hurled abuses and beaten by the policemen.

The police department is regarded as the guardians of law and order; a cops’ duty is to ensure the safety and security of the citizens. And, in the present time where Coronavirus is already taking a toll on lives and the system, cops of Bareilly have brought shame and disgust on the Police Department.

A heart-wrenching incident took place in Sindhunagar, Bareilly when a fruit vendor’s son was abused and beaten by the cops for selling fruits and vegetables during the lockdown. The boy was standing on his father’s, “Thela” as his father went home to take a bath. 

The cops came on his thela and started abusing him for selling fruits during the lockdown. I guess the police are not clear that selling fruits and vegetables is allowed during social distancing. After hurling abuses, they started beating the boy.

A video is going viral of the boy crying and showing his bruises saying: Mere papa nahane gaye the ghar pe. Humara thela lagta hai gali mein to main yahan pe khada ho gaya tha. Police wale aaye, unhone gandi gandi gaaliyan di aur dande maare mujhe.”

The incident has led to outrage on social media and UP CM Akhilesh Yadav also tweeted about the shameful act. Whereas, the SSP of Bareilly Shailesh Pandey told a different version where the cops were trying to control the chaos and crowd during social distancing, which may have led to the accidental thrashing of the boy. 

The father of the boy said that earlier he was also harassed by the cops, but now as his boy’s life is in danger, he has lodged a formal complaint.