Sonu Sood warns the user of his Fake Twitter Account and threatens to get him arrested

Sonu Sood isn’t a talented actor, but also a true humanitarian who helped hundreds of people during the Corona Pandemic. With his Twitter account, he helped people return to their hometowns, financially, etc. But now, there is an impersonator who is using SonuSood’s name to get cheap names and fame.

When the actor got to know about the fake account by the name ActorSuno Soon and he is actively tweeting asking details of the people. He tweeted saying, “You will be arrested soon for cheating innocent people my dear. So stop your cheating business before it’s too late.” 

The netizens, when heard about the fake account, retaliated and started tweeting hate tweets to the imposter. 

Sonu Sood complained against the imposter in the cybercrime. As the situation was worsening he tweeted about the fake account and warned the imposter of the dire consequences. 

On the work front, the actor is flooded with scripts because of his social work. But, the actor is so involved in the social work that he isn’t able to finalise any scripts as of now. 

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