Shocking news: 16-year old boy from Chandigarh spends 16lakhs on PubG

The dependency on PUBG has sort of becoming an addiction to today’s generation. They do not realize the sort of problems the game can get them into. 

A 17-year-old teenager from Kharar region Punjab has lost his parents 16 Lakh from their account to make some in-app purchases. The boy would often tell his parents that he is studying online from his father’s phone and this lie had led his parents into such a big loss.

The money spent on popular battle royale game PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds also known famous by its name PUBG in the youth was spent on buying in-app items like artillery, virtual ammunition, passes for the tournament. The purchases were made over one month. 

This boy had access to almost three bank accounts. The game has come out to be a super addictive one amongst the teenagers. The 17-year-old boy has played it smart as once the transactions were made, he uses to delete the messages of banks from the parent’s phone. 

His father has stated that he had saved the money for the future needs of his son and to cover some medical expenses. The kid also uses to shuffle the money from one bank to another to not get caught up in this.

The father has made his son work in a scooter repair shop as he said that he cannot make him sit at home. Because trusting him while the phone is not the right choice. Also, the boy should know how difficult it is to earn money so he should work hard. The father is tensed as there is no money left for the further education of his child.

PUBG has become one of the most super addictive games among the teens taking so much attention. The game is also subject to entanglement in India as well as China.

As the same kind of incident took place sometime back where a 12-year old boy stole Rs 3 lakhs from his parents after losing in PUBG. The money stolen was given to his friends to buy a new phone because he lost a few games while playing with his friends.

The kind of attention this game has drawn from the kids can be dreadful for them as well as their parents. As there is no realization among them that what this can lead to.