New German Law Imposes Dog Owners to Walk Their Dogs Twice a Day

Germany is soon to enforce a new law under which dog owners in Germany are required to walk their dogs twice a day. Germany’s agricultural minister JuliaKlöckner announced the new rule this week saying that she had taken expert advice and was introducing the law to ensure dogs go for a walk or a run outside at least twice a day for an hour in total, not just a quick stroll around the block.

Julia said, "Pets are not cuddly toys — their needs must be taken into account." She also said the law was introduced based on recent studies that stated that dogs need, “sufficient measure of activity and contact with environmental stimuli."

The draft law would impose other rules such as to restrict raisers from tying canines with chains and prevent them from being moved in vehicles for more than four and a half hours in heat over 30C. It has brought up issues about whether the administration will have the option to appropriately uphold such a law.

These proposed guidelines have stirred quite the heat as it would influence countless Germans. There are an expected 9.4 million pet canines in the nation. Klöckner's party, the Christian Democratic Union, has also disparaged over the guideline. Saskia Ludwig, a CDU MP, said the current heatwave implied it was not appropriate for canines to be out for such a long time. She tweeted: “VOLUNTARY DISCLOSURE: I will not be taking my Rhodesian Ridgeback for two rounds of walks in 32 degrees heat, rather we will jump in the river for a refreshing cool down instead.”

UdoKopernik, the spokesman for the German Dog Association, told Bild, "One rule for all dogs is probably well-meant but unrealistic.” He also said, “Every dog is different, has a different age, different diseases, and we have different climates. With the hot temperatures of the last few days, you shouldn’t let your dog out for longer.”

Some dog owners also supported the new law. Julia Duden, who owns a 6-year-old Labrador, stated, "Going for a walk should be a must! It is absolutely correct and important that you go out with your dog for at least an hour every day.”

The debate is on heat about the enforcement of the law. The ministry has asked the 16 government states to hold the responsibility but the process is still under question. The regulations, if passed, could become law at the start of next year.