Google experiments with shopping app Shooploop

Here is presenting to you Shoploop by Google where you can shop by interacting on a video. Isn’t that a new and super fun thing?

Online shopping has always been a barrier when it comes to interaction as it limits you to talk to anyone and get some opinions on the product you are planning to buy.

The company has launched Shoploop under Google’s internal Research and Development division, Area 120. 

All the products are shown in a video that is not more than 90 seconds. General Manager of Shoploop, Lax Poojaray stated that this is designed to give the customers the exact feel of the store through these videos. 

This doesn’t give you the chance to just scroll through the images and text instead watch videos. This will give the customers a livelier feeling of shopping. 

It will start with the display of products in sections of skincare, hair, nails, and makeup. 

It is a platform that will also give publishers, creators, and store owners to give their customers space for relaxing online shopping. 

They are releasing the app and until now only the mobile version for shoploop is available. The desktop version is still in process and will be out soon. 

Before this Flipkart has also come out with a similar product named 2GUD which gave the users a platform to have a video shopping experience that was curated from the influencers on Fashion, Gadgets, etc. 

Shoploop is more like watching youtube videos but the only difference is that the video in shoploop will your exact information in the shortest span. Boredom doesn’t hit you when you watch short and crisp videos that give all the relevant information. Whereas your shopping becomes fun when you have somebody to interact with too.

If you are a person who loves going out for shopping with friends and like to shop things after discussion then Shoploop is the right platform for you to have fun time shopping experience. 

Other apps like Facebook and Instagram have also come out with the feature to shop which directly leads you to the website of the seller. The online platforms for shopping are growing and coming out with new ideas to not let their customers bore. 

You can reach them through and get your shopping started with them. Discover the new hassle-free shopping experience.