Indonesian Woman Providing Shelter to 250 Homeless Cats

People around the world are fond of keeping pets. Although most people have dogs and cats, many people break this practice and raise rabbits, turtles, snakes, monkeys, horses and so on. Most people raise animals to show their love while others raise them for the purpose of safety and spending time with animals etc. However, pets may eventually become an integral part of the family, as the case may be. 


But an Indonesian Housewife named Dita Agusta who is living in the outskirts of the suburbs with her husband is breaking all these rules. This lady and her husband are providing Home to more than 250 Cats. 


Since Childhood Agusta Wanted to Rescue Stray Cats


In an Interview with Reuters, Agusta 45 saud that since her childhood she wanted to rescue abandoned and stray cats by providing them shelter to live.


After moving from Bekasi City in West Java to a bigger house in Parung, she grabbed this opportunity to do what she wanted to do since her childhood. Now in her Big House, she is creating home for more than 250 Stray Cats.


Couple is Spending $72 a Day


While providing shelter to the stray cats, the couple is covering up the expenses of their food and medicine as well. They are spending at least one Rupiah ($72) a day. To maintain the hygiene of these cats, the couple also employed the pool of five workers for managing the hygiene and cleanliness of Cat's living space.