N95 Marks cannot prevent against Coronavirus warns the Indian Government

The centre is advocating against wearing N95 as it’s defeating the purpose of wearing a mask. According to the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, the purpose of wearing the mask is to prevent the infection from spreading from the symptomatic or asymptomatic person. But, as the N95 mask has valves, it can avoid pollution, but cannot act as a shield from the virus. 

While wearing masks in public places is mandatory, but the advisory issued by the centre states that wearing an N95 mask with valves should be ceased. According to Dr. Rajiv Garg, the Director-General of Health Services (DGHS), the valve respirator N95 mask is “detrimental to the spread of the novel coronavirus as it does not prevent the virus from escaping out of the mask.” 

Now you must be wondering which type of mask should you wear? The idea mask should be made of cotton, or if you want to wear an N95 mask, then make sure it doesn’t have valves. Also, one should have two masks that should be washed and sanitised regularly. To disinfect the mask, you can soak the mask in boiled water and a pinch of salt for 10 minutes and then leave it to dry. Otherwise, you can simply soap wash the mask and leave it to dry in the sun for 5 hours. 

While most of us don’t wear homemade masks, these are the ideal ones as only one of the family members has made the mask and taken care of his/her hygiene. When the homemade mask feels damp, then it's time to wash it or use the new one. However, the basic guidelines still remain the same; to cover face and nose with the mask when in public places and not to share your mask with anyone. 

Most of us are indeed following the guidelines to curb the Corona menace, but it should be done the right way to get more results. So, from now on, wear masks without valves for your and public prevention.