Pooja Bhatt defends Mahesh Bhatt’s chat with Rhea Chakraborthy says Same forward was sent to countless others

Sushant Singh's suicide case has turned into murder conspiracy and the case has been transferred to CBI. Rhea Chakraborthy his last girlfriend is under scrutiny and case of abatement to suicide has been registered. 

The recent news in the case is that Rhea Chakraborthy left Sushant on 9th June and the same day Mahesh Bhatt sent her a cryptic message. The personal chat between Mahesh Bhatt and Rhea is leaked into the press and the media is claiming it to be the, “Most Explosive Revelation” in Sushant’s case. 

But, now the Bhatt family has come out to defend the head of the family, Mahesh Bhatt and said that the message was a forward sent to “countless people”. His wife Soni Razdaan and Pooja Bhatt defend Mahesh Bhatt by sharing their private chats. According to Pooja Bhatt’s tweets, “It is a message that my father also sent me & countless other people on his phone list on the same day(June 9) & subsequently posted on Twitter as well (26-6-2020) get your facts right.”

Even his wife Soni Razdaan shared her private chat screenshot and tweeted, “Yes true. Here is mine. We get them every day. When will news channels actually give us real news and not fabricated spin-offs? Most seem to have turned into uglier more salacious versions of Stardust and Cine Blitz.”

According to the Hindustan Times, India Today shared the messages between Rhea and Mahesh Bhatt between 8th to 15th June. Rhea replied to the forward message saying, “So true. still just about getting my vision back. Good morning.” 

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On 12th June Mahesh Bhatt, “Loneliness plays a key in nurturing the seed of personal creativity and birthing one’s true self.” 

Even on 14th June on the day Sushant died, Rhea Chakraborty sent a message at 9:35 am, “Good Morning sir. I demand my dose of energy via the morning quotes you send on WhatsApp. That’s it, love you.” She further replied Love you, sir, my angel.” At 2:35 pm on June 14, Mahesh texted Rhea, “Call me,” but did not receive a response. He called her twice on WhatsApp at around 4 and 5 pm.

The chat shows that Mahesh Bhatt was helping Rhea move on from her break up and Rhea considered him her godfather. Now as the case is under CBI, we hope the real culprit is out and the deceased actor gets justice.


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