Google’s Autocomplete feature will be disabled during the 2020 US Elections

US Presidential elections are around the corner and Google has announced a major change to ensure the neutral flow of elections. According to the latest update, Google will be pressing pause on the “Autocomplete Feature”. 

The Autocomplete feature of the search engine gives suggestions to the users and help them improve their search results. But, as the presidential elections are coming the company shared in the blogs about the changes in Search and New Products. According to the post, the text suggestion will be disabled as the suggestion might be considered as the claim of a political party or propaganda against the parties; so to curb such practices and misinformation the feature will be disabled. 

Google's examples for this are claims such as "you can vote by phone" or "you can't vote by phone," as well as predictions that say "donate to" any party or candidate will be removed. But, if you are wondering whether you will or will not be able to read about elections; then you will be.

Google has set up an intelligence team that, “actively monitors and identifies potential information threats” about natural disasters, Covid-19 and other issues. In fact, Google is also extending collaborations with Wikipedia, Intelligence agencies and WHO to ensure authenticity and credibility of the information. 


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