People Don't Like Working at Facebook Which is Known as Happiest Workplace for Employees

For years, Facebook maintained it's ranking as the No.1 Company among the various technology workplaces. There was a huge competition to get a job at one of the happiest workplace in Silicon Valley. At that time, rarely people quit their job at Dream Company Facebook.  

But after 2018, the list of Employees quitting their job at Facebook became longer as the company has been mired in controversies since then. 

The list of Facebook Scandals is too long and in 2018, #DeleteFacebook became a thing due to the overload of controversies. Due to the high pressure of negative news about Facebook, this Dream company lost it's secured position as the happiest workplace and a number of employees left the company.

According to the latest annual list of 2020 for the "Best Places to Work" by Glassdoor, The position of facebook dropped down to No. 23 from No. 7. 

In the year 2011, Facebook secured the Top position. Since then to 2015, this dream company ranked in the list of top ten. In 2015, its position dropped to No. 13 and in 2018, it regained No. 1 Rank.

At a time, Facebook was the dream company for every candidate due to its legendary perks which includes Free meals and snacks, laundry service, onsite health and dental centers, and four months of paid parental leave are some of its most highlighted benefits. But the case is not the same anymore.  

These Statistics proves that the controversies of the last two years have negatively affected the overall reputation of Facebook that People now don't like to work at Facebook anymore.