Priyanka Chopra and Deepika Padukone purchase fake Social Media followers and earn in millions on social media

Social media is a platform that influences millions of people around the world. Today, when technology is at its highest pinnacle and people rely more on Facebook, YouTube or Instagram for the latest news than a newspaper; it’s important to know the source and authenticity of the news. But, the latest report by Zee news has made us question the authenticity of the news and posts on social media. 

According to Zee News, Bollywood celebrities, social media influencers and many other prominent public figures purchase fake followers and use bots to increase their followers. Mumbai police were investigating the case of Bollywood singer Bhoomi Trivedi, who complained that somebody has made her fake account and is doing business deals worth millions in her name. 

When Mumbai Police started investigations, they found that the fake account is purchasing fake followers from a website called Followers Kart. The site provides 700 different services in 80 niches including paid Instagram followers, YouTube followers, Twitter followers and much more, and for that, they charge in dollars. The company has an extensive client base which is not limited to Indian celebrities but also has connections in France, Italy, Israel, Indonesia, Australia, Turkey, Iran and many gulf countries.

The game of purchasing fake followers isn’t limited to increasing followers or gaining publicity on social media. In reality, it’s a business model where celebrities charge a hefty amount for promoting a product, service or content of a reputed brand. According to the reports of ICMP (The Internet Control Message Protocol), the two leading celebrities involved in the business model are Priyanka Chopra and DeepikaPadukone. 

Zee News states that according to the deleted reports of ICMP, Priyanka Chopra has around 7 billion followers total, including Twitter and Instagram. She charges more than two crores for shoutouts on the story. Whereas DeepikaPadukone, who has near about seven crores followers charges around 1.42 crores for any endorsements or content promotion on her social media handles. 

Isn’t it shocking it? Here the ardent followers and fans of the celebrities thought these are their personal handles and all the opinions they share are unbiased. 

The fact is it’s a big game of numbers. More the numbers of followers, more the publicity, therefore, more work and money. The celebrities posting about any brand or content is not their pure and honest opinion. But, a business propaganda to influence their followers to use their products or support the movement or endorse the service.

It’s shocking, but also disturbing that celebrities with millions and billions of fan following have the power to influence the society, brainwash them and they are using it only to gain name and fame. On the contrary, they have an opportunity to promote the right thing, support the right people and create a positive impact with their strong voice and branding. 

Let’s hope that our celebrities realise the weapon they have in the form of social media and use it for the betterment of society.