WhatsApp’s fact checker will identify fake news and alert

Have you been tired of reading all the fake news messages you get on WhatsApp? Does it create a space where you don't know whether to believe the news or not? How about if WhatsApp solves the problem for you?

The new feature of WhatsApp gives the users a space to check if there is any wrong information about the messages that get viral. There will be a magnifying glass icon through which users can check the forwarded messages through this fact-checking feature.

The feature is not available for India as of now. This icon will appear near the messages that have been sent by 5-6 people which includes the group. Once you will tap on the icon it will search the news for you online directly. Then google will directly lead you if the information is correct or not. 

The feature is being tested by the Facebook team in Brazil, Italy, Ireland, Mexico, Spain, the UK, and the US. The audience will get the Android, IOS, and web versions of this.

On the WhatsApp blog there is a screenshot of a message that got viral saying "drinking freshly boiled garlic water will cure COVID-19'', but when tested through this feature the information was wrong.

This new feature is an add on for the users as people will get clarity on the messages they are sending and receiving. This chain of misinformation has not only affected WhatsApp but many other social media platforms too. But on the same hand, Facebook has a way out to control this. Now it is the turn of the other apps to do the same to stop the spread of such misleading pieces of information. There is an extensive number of people who use WhatsApp. It is the most common communication source for millions of people in different countries. So, for keeping the security reasons in mind they have come out with this feature.