Indian Baba kisses Covid-19 patients hands and treats them died of the deadly virus

The world is ceaselessly looking for an antidote of a microscopic virus wreaking havoc on the world. But, a baba in the Ratlam district of Madhya Pradesh was treating Covid-19 patients by kissing their hands. 

When the entire nation was in lockdown and there were strict orders to maintain social distancing, people blinded by faith were visiting Aslam Baba in Nayapura Area. According to the reports, he used to kiss the hands of the affected and they believed that they were cured. On the contrary, the Health Department said that there were 85 positive cases in the Nayapura area out of which 19 visited the Baba. 

The Nodal officer of the area further commented that four people have died due to the infection. People were falling prey to the superstitious activities which led to mass contamination of the area. However, the Baba himself was diagnosed positive and died on 4th June due to the virus. 

After the death of the Baba, many people were told to quarantine at their home and six more people were tested positive in the area. It is sad that due to religious activities so many lives are in danger. Currently, there are 48 active cases in the Nayapur Area. 

According to the latest reports there are 10,049 in Madhya Pradesh out of which 427 have reportedly succumbed to the disease. If such practices are not controlled there are chances of mass contamination and the number of cases can increase exponentially.