PornHub talks about“The Orgasm Gap” and celebrates “International Female Orgasm day”

Recently, PornHub has been suddenly pausing videos watched by men to bring their focus on the orgasm gap. Celebrating the Female Orgasm Day week, the website has come up with an interesting campaign that sort off empowers women on the orgasm gap they face.

You might be wondering what is the orgasm gap. During intercourse, the number of orgasms men have as compared to the women experiencing the same defines it. According to PornHub's data, straight men in the UK have orgasms 95% of the time whereas women only have 65% of the time. Another survey also found that women orgasm only once every three times of men.

However, the rates in India are even higher as most of the women in India never had an orgasm and some don't even know what it is. According to a survey by Durex in 2019, approximately 79% of the Indian women have never experienced an orgasm and that is quite a surprising amount.

For this, PornHub has announced a campaign teaming up with agency Bar Ogilvy calling it “End of Orgasm Gap”. The motive of this campaign is to leave men in misery. To end the orgasm gap, the website is pausing videos watched by men to highlight how 40% of straight women do not have an orgasm during intercourse with their partners.

Additionally, the website is also encouraging women to let men do better, according to PornHub's YouTube video. It asks women to go to the campaign landing page to reward men who have given them orgasm with an official certificate.

The website has even posted a YouTube video that highlights the orgasm gap and the importance of the issue. In a press release, the CEO of PornHub, Corey Price said that female orgasm has been enlightening years ago by the researches who brought up the “importance of clitoral stimulation and foreplay for women to reach The Big O”

It is said that the women in same-sex relationships have experienced a higher rate of orgasm as compared to that with men. Although many critics claim that the reason behind female orgasms is less widespread due to the women's biological system. However, the researches have been proving these myths wrong. It seems the root of the orgasm gap is men who are inefficient to understand the needs of their female partners.

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