Underwhelming Response: Shah Rukh Khan's 'Dunki' Trailer Faces Criticism for Boredom and Disappointment on Twitter

In the glitzy realm of Bollywood, anticipation for a Shah Rukh Khan-starrer is almost palpable. However, the recently released trailer of "Dunki," featuring an ensemble cast including Taapsee Pannu, Vicky Kaushal, and Boman Irani, has left the internet divided. Set to hit theaters on December 22, this Rajkumar Hirani film marks the first collaboration between the acclaimed director and the King of Bollywood himself.

The three-minute-long trailer, unveiled on Tuesday, triggered a flurry of reactions on social media. While some lauded the film as a promising, entertaining ride, others were less impressed, expressing concerns about the plot's originality, the perceived forced Punjabi accent, and the application of de-aging technology on Shah Rukh Khan.

One user, expressing dissatisfaction on X - Formerly Twitter, commented, "Boring. Plot has nothing new to offer, many Punjabi films have already covered such topics. Accent is so annoying. I don't understand the need to mix Punjabi & Hindi. It doesn't even sound comical. Just stick to Hindi." This sentiment was echoed by another user who criticized the trailer's lack of impact, stating, "The Punjabi accent feels forced, the dialogues lack impact, and I struggle to connect emotionally with the story."

The de-aging of Shah Rukh Khan, a technique that has faced scrutiny in the past, also became a focal point of criticism. One user drew a parallel with South Indian actors, saying, "Why always blame Balayya, Chiranjeevi for playing young characters, Actually #SRK is the Real Culprit. Look at the amount of VFX in his face." Another user shared, "The de-aging even more distracting!" and expressed disappointment in SRK's seemingly uncomfortable delivery.

Critics also took issue with what they perceived as excessive reveals in the trailer. A user pointed out, "Trailer Spoiled so much of the movie and took surprises away - Old SRK, funeral of a character. The action scenes make me feel this movie is gonna get distracted from the core story and go downhill - very reminiscent of Zero."

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However, amidst the sea of criticism, there were fans who eagerly rallied behind the film. One enthusiast claimed, "SRK's Dunki looks like a hat trick is on the way sir #DunkiTrailer is comedy and heart all at once!" Another optimist declared, "No maar-dhaad, just pure joy! #DunkiTrailer is definitely gonna be a refreshing break from the ordinary." Another fan confidently stated, "This film offers everything on a single platter. A Complete Entertainer!"

"Dunki" is poised as a "heart-warming tale of four friends and their quest to reach foreign shores, charting the arduous yet life-changing journey they are about to undertake to make their dreams come true." Scheduled for a Christmas release on December 22, the film aims to strike a chord with audiences as it unfolds the narratives of friendship, dreams, and the pursuit of happiness on the big screen. As the countdown to release day begins, only time will reveal whether "Dunki" will soar to the heights of success or face the challenges posed by its varied reception.