Mobile Man of India owns 2371 Cell Phones from Around the World

India is a land of heritage, good food and weird people; one such person isJayeshKale who lives in Thane, India, and loves collecting cell phones. The man is obsessed with celled phones and shares a special connection with his collection.

He is a Nokia phone collector and has spent his five years on making this collection. He loves to call his cell phone collections “babies”. This clearly identifies the kind of bond he shares with his collection.

He says “I am very emotional when it comes to my phones, I can’t see someone drop my phone, I can’t see someone scratch it, these are my babies”.

Source: Great Big Story

When he counted his phones, they were around 2,371 which includes the collection of cell phones all around the world. They have been collected from countries like Europe, the U.K., U.S., Switzerland, Dubai, and many other countries.

He also mentions that his wife gets very angry with him as he has used all the wardrobes to just keep the phones. You will also find his phones in places like cars, cupboards, and all around the house. 

Nokia 3310 is the phone from where the irresistible collection of cell phones started. He was surprised by the durability of the phone when an incident took place with him. He was in college while taking a call and a friend pushed him and the phone fell from the second floor as soon as he went down, he picked up the phone put in the battery, and to his utter surprise, the phone started to work. From here began his love for Nokia phones.

Jayesh says that there are particular things he keeps into consideration while buying a cell phone stating “It needs to be in mint condition. Second, it needs to be in a complete working condition”. He follows these things because he says that the prior purpose if not just to keep collecting the phones it is also about using them.

He gets varied responses from his friends and family around, where some call him a crazy fellow some are proud of him while some think that is zero investment of his money. 

His collection is recognized as the biggest one in India but he is aiming for even more which is Guinness World Record. 

He says “I am already known as the Nokia Cell phone man in India”. 

Also adding emotionally “I take care of them a lot. I look at them, I stare at them and I feel happy from inside”.


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