Conjuring Fan be ready for exciting revelations from Ellen DeGenres

The Conjuring series has its own fandom ever searching the web to know more itsy bitsy details of the series. But, here we are to share with you some spooky facts and details that the fans might have missed over the years. As a remembrance to the spooky doll, let's start with it. 

Ellen DeGenres house was The Haunted House

The Apartment in which Annabelle (2014) is filmed is actually the house where Ellen lived. It’s her first house, she told her fans while promoting the film on her show. Giving the chills down her fans spine, she stated, “The apartment in the movie was my first apartment that I moved to in LA. That was the building I lived in; where they shot the movie. I was watching it going: ‘That looks familiar’ and it was my building. It was scary back then too.”

Annabelle and its presence in Aquaman 

Yes! If the die hard fans of the series don’t know then let us reveal a rather intriguing fact. Annabelle starred in 2018 DC movie Aqauaman in which Jason Momoa and Amber Heard. played the part of the protagonist. Later, DC issued the comic The Demon and Swamp Thing appeared in Annabelle Comes Home (2019). 

Lorraine Warren could never help the Perron Family

Andrea Perron who is the eldest daughter of Carolyn and Roger has written a trio book on their family’s traumatic experience in the house. In the book she clearly denies that Warren’s intervention helped her family. 

“The Warrens did not step in and rescue us. The Warrens stepped in, and even though I believe it was unintentional, they really made matters worse. They were in over their heads right from the inception. They didn’t realise what they were dealing with and how powerful it was. To Mrs Warren’s credit I will say that she did step into the house and said ‘I sense a malignant presence in this house, her name is Bathsheba’. And there is no way she could have known that, because she had no background and no history on the house at all. However, she then blamed anything and everything that happened of a negative nature in the house on Bathsheba, which is how she became the villainess in the film. It was gross inaccuracies, in terms of that” stated Andrea in an interview in 2016 with 757 Paranormal. 

Real-life Sisters acted in Haunted series

Sister Irene in the blockbuster film Nun was played by Taissa Farmiga who is real-life sister of Vera Farmiga. Vera is the actress who played Lorraine Warren’s role in The Conjuring Films.

Cameo shot of real Lorraine Warren in The Conjuring (2013)

Yes! Real-life Loarraine Williams indeed was the part of the Conjuring. She played a cameo as a member of the audience when Carolyn and Roger went to attend the conference of Ed and Lorraine Warren, the paranormal investigators in the movie. 

We hope the die-hard Conjuring fans enjoyed the trivia and could recollect the scenes described in the article.