Mumbai vegetable seller receives support of Mumbai people when his video goes viral; he gets 2 lacs as donation

Miracles do happen! On this Wednesday afternoon, when a picture of a Mumbai vegetable vendor got viral, it pinched the hearts of Mumbai residents. The picture was clicked by Mumbai Mirror photographer and it showed the vendor sitting at the road divider unable to hold his tears. The man couldn’t help but cry when he was forced to shut down his vegetable shop due to Mumbai floods. Right after the man was captured, his picture went viral all over the city letting Mumbaikers feel pity.

It was reported that the vendor, Ashok Singh had opened his shop after four months in lockdown and had no choice of shutting it down again because of the heavy rain. Soon after his photos and the story got viral, the man was flooded with phone calls from the locals offering him money. To his surprise, Singh received nearly 2 Lakh rupees in his account by Thursday evening. 

The photos went viral via social media bringing fortune to Ashok's life. When he was asked where will he spend his money, he knew the exact answer. Considering the priorities, he said he wants to get his wife's Mangalsutra back that was pawned for Rs. 30000. He had borrowed Rs. 10000 from his brother that he will return now. Paying the electricity bill, buying medicines for his wife's blood pressure, and saving money for his daughter’s marriage were his other priorities. 

Thanks to the internet and the people who helped Ashok resolve some of his major worries. Although, the help still hasn’t stopped. Seeing his hardship in going back home amid heavy rain, a political party wanted to offer him a bike. However, Ashok has never driven a bike before, therefore the party will be back with another offer. 

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“ I am lucky to have benefited from Mumbai's generosity. But I am sure there are thousands of others in the city like me who are equally desperate. I hope they too can get out and start earning living”, he said to Mumbai Mirror. 

Due to the heavy rainfall disturbing parts of Maharashtra, Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray looked into the matter and reviewed the administration's preparedness in Mumbai and other cities. Although on Friday morning, the rain intensity reduced and the logged water reduced in flooded areas. It leads to the resumption of road transport services within the state.