Village boy's innovative mind invented an Automated Pani Puri Machine

You can get back to your after-office snack “gol-gappas” on the streets now. Indian and street food go hand-in-hand. Before the Coronavirus pandemic, we use to see so many street vendors with a variety of foods. But after this C0VID-19 thing has changed. But a pani-puri automated machine, no one ever thought about it.

The man who innovated this machine has made it out from scrap. He has a mobile and electronic repair shop in Raviyana Village in Gujrat. He bought a new version of your favourite street food by not letting it go due to the new rules and regulations after the coronavirus breakdown.

He has made a smart move because people now will be conscious about eating on the streets due to the spread of the virus. So, keeping the norm of social distancing he has created this machine for the pani-puri lovers.

Bharat Prajapati who is 33 years old took six months to complete the demo pani-puri machine. It works somewhat similar to an ATM but instead of notes, you get gol-gappas coming out which also prevents you from being in touch with any person and decreases the risk of coronavirus.

Prajapati had dropped out a school and then thought of doing a one-month mobile repairing course whereas his brother Shravan who works at Tata Motors in Samand has a more professional nag on things. His attempts at his electronic repair shop have made him invent this machine. You can put the money in one slot and the gol-gappa will come from the other side.

He had convinced his parents to make a little shop from him by renovating a portion in their house. He comes from a middle-class family, as his parents make bricks and pottery for the source of income in the house.

Prajapati said “The machine works on a 24-volt standalone battery and on a single charge it can last up to six hours. Also, it is your choice to install it on the roadside or shop. It can work both with chargeable battery or by plugging-in.

All this passion has come from only the shop experience where he has spent most of his time. He always made something out the scrap remains at his shop like an electric stove, water pump, and many other things. According to the prevailing situation, his invention has gained importance. 

People like Additional Director General of Police have also shared it on their social media. As this invention has gone viral.

He explains that he is getting a good amount of calls about this new invention but on the same hand he does not have enough manufacturing power to make it for business purposes. But there are a lot of distributors who are figuring a lot of ways to make this into a business.

He also stated, “all the owner has to do is regularly refill the puris, the masala, and the different types of paani inside the machine, and all of the assembling work is taken care of by the vendor”. The cost of building this demo machine was around 40,000 but it could have been cheaper if produced elegantly.