Naked Sunbather becomes a laughing stock when he chased a wild boar for stealing his laptop bag

Teufelssee Lake is a famous sunbathing spot in the Grunwell Forest in Berlin where people come with their families or friends to chill and relax. It’s one of the famous spots where you can be naked and enjoy nature. But, it became a spot of embarrassment for an old man who was lying naked there and a wild boar stole his laptop bag and ran away. 

The wild boar came with his piglets and snatched the laptop bag containing the man’s essential. The man was startled by the sudden emergence of the wild boar and started chasing the boar family to get his plastic bag pack back. That’s when the image was taken by Adele Landauer. 

The photograph shows a naked man chasing the wild boar and two piglets and the bunch of families present in the park laughing at the scene. From what looks like in the photograph the wild boar family has outpaced the old man and it seems that he will have to walk back naked.

The photographer later showed the pics to the old man and asked his permission to share it with the public on social media. The old man found it hilarious and gave permission with a condition to keep the identity secret. 

Later, the photographer, Adele Landauer posted the pic on social media and captioned, "Nature strikes back! Wild boar hunt at Teufelssee!