Twinkle Khanna and Maneka Gandhi demand justice for a dog who was mercilessly killed by his breeder

The inhuman nature of humans has no limit and the recent tweet of Maneka Sanjay Gandhi proves that it’s humans that are responsible for violence in the world. The BJP member, Maneka Gandhi tweeted a horrific incident where a Sikh man Gurinder Singh s/o Harbans Singh resident of village Dandupur, Kapurthala in Punjab mercilessly killed the dog. 

In the video, it is clearly visible that the accused Gurinder Singh gets out of the car, goes to the dog or maybe puts the dog right in front of his car. The innocent dog who is sitting right in front of the car squeaks when all of a sudden the accused runs over his car at full speed. 

The dog in the video is seen shocked and running away after the accident, but according to Maneka Gandhi’s tweet, the dog dies 30 minutes later. The dog was in excruciating pain and the merciless accused had no remorse. 

She shared the video on Twitter and stated, “This is Gurinder Singh s/o Harbans Singh, village Dandupur, Kapurthala in Punjab. He is a breeder and seller of dogs for dog fights. This is what he does to dogs when they are no longer useful. This dog died after 30 minutes of being in excruciating pain.”

After a while, even Twinkle Khanna retweeted the incident stating, “This is horrific! He should be arrested immediately.” The BJP member Maneka Gandhi tagged the CM of Punjab, Capt. Amrinder Singh, Punjab Police and police of Kapurthala. 

She even shared another video of the same man Gurinder Singh who is an advocate by profession and a dog breeder. He breeds the dog for the fight and when they are useless he dumps them in a lake near his house in village Dandupur. She shared the video and tweeted, “Here’s a video of this man’s dogs, which he had been using for dog fights. At night, he took all these dogs & threw them in the lake behind his house. One dog drowned & the others have been rescued by PFA. This man should go to jail.” The 

The netizens saw the horrific video and condemned the act and the Punjab Police ensured that strict action would be taken against the accused. The case is registered under Section 11 (1) of the Prevention of Animal Cruelty Act 1960 and Section 429 of IPC on a complaint by Shalini, who heads People for Animals (PFA), Amritsar.